Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Project 3 concept

The Conqueror

Kakoon wants to conquer the slum. However, he is not strong enough to defeat the current ruler. The player will play the role of Kakoon, and needs to battle to gather a stronger forces in order to fight the ruler.


Inspiring from the game Patapon, I intend to create a role-playing, strategic action game. Building from the storyline of my project one character, Kakoon, which is evil enough to wish to conquer the entire slum, he will have to march his way to the snake, the current boss, defeat him and take over his place. Before he can do that, he will has to goes around the slum, finding other creatures or rival gangs, and defeat them in order to pursue them to join his forces. By expanding his forces, Kakoon troops' attack level increases. Kakoon and his troops will have to keep combating others until the force is strong enough to fight with the snake.

Character control:

I like the indirect way of controlling character in the game Patapon, and I want to include this quality in my game design. The basic character controllers will stay as the usual keys. The navigation commands will still be the arrow keys, and jump command will be the space bar. The indirect way of controlling triggers when the character is involved in a combat. In order to attack, it requires the player to input specific sequences that appear on screen. The player must input the complete set of sequence fast enough before being defeated by the enemy. The challenge of this is that if a key within the sequence is being inputed wrongly, the player will have to re-input from the beginning, thus advantaging the enemy to gain an extra attack.

Levels and game navigation:

The game does not have a set path or direction that the character must follow. Kakoon will begin from one part of the slum. From there he start off his journey by exploring and searching his way to get to the snake. There are various directions that can lead Kakoon to the snake, but before his force is strong enough he will have to avoid from getting there. It is like a maze. The journey is mysterious and Kakoon will have no idea where the path that he has chosen will lead him.

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