Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project 2 - game story and details

Saki, the game character, has lost his way back home when he decided to take a trip to explore the jungle. While Saki hasn't bring any weapons with him, along the journey back home he might encounter some fierce beasts/animals. Your mission is to bring Saki back to his house, safe and sound.

The game will begins with Saki lost in the jungle. To reach home, you will have to bring Saki through three levels. First, you have to bring him out from the jungle, then across the hills, and finally reaching the desert where Saki's house is located.

---- jungle level ----

---- hills level ----

---- desert ----

---- Saki's Home ----

Along the journey, dangerous animals such as scorpions, snakes and eagles will appear to block off Saki's way. Saki hasn't got any weapons for attack, nor did he know how to jump. In order to bring Saki across, you will have to rotate the plane either up or down to let Saki safely walk pass the animals.

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  1. This game was amazing and I have tried to finish 3 level of game stage.